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Call for Faculty: Design Your Dream Course!

Do you have a captivating course idea that transcends traditional boundaries? The Honors College at Marshall University invites you to transform your academic dreams into reality by proposing an innovative, interdisciplinary honors seminar for Fall 2024 or beyond. Our HON 480 special topics seminars offer an unparalleled teaching and learning experience with our most motivated and high-achieving students.

Why Teach an HON 480 Seminar?

· Explore Your Passion: Seize the opportunity to delve into topics that ignite your intellectual curiosity and passion. This is your chance to design a course that might not fit into a standard curriculum but is close to your heart and expertise.

· Academic Exploration: Enjoy the liberty to explore and expand upon a unique subject matter deeply rooted in your scholarly interests, venturing outside what might be the limits of your regular teaching duties.

· Interdisciplinary Adventure: Lead students through an interdisciplinary journey, cultivating curiosity and enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

· Collaborative and Supportive Environment: Join a community that not only thrives on intellectual exchange and innovation but also offers support. We recognize the value of faculty teaching in honors education by offering the opportunity to apply for the John Marshall University Scholars Award trough the Honors College. Faculty who are deeply committed to making an impact through their seminar are encouraged to apply for an Honors Faculty Fellow position, offering a prominent pathway for additional recognition and development.

Deadline and Details:

· Proposal Submission Deadline: Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

· Earliest Teaching Opportunity for Approved Applications: Fall 2024 semester.

· How to Submit: Visit the Teaching Honors page on the Honors College website for full details, submission guidance, and access to the appropriate online form. New proposals require the most preparation. Repeat applications are brief.

· Review Process: Proposals are evaluated by the Honors College Curriculum and Policy Committee. Accepted proposals will be developed into special topic sections of HON 480, a core upper-division course in our required Honors Curriculum.

· Credit for Your Department: All Student Credit Hours (SCH) from HON courses are credited to your home department and college.

Whether you have taught with us before or are new to the Honors College experience, we welcome your ideas for courses that challenge, engage, and transform. If you're on the brink of an idea or need further information before proposing, we encourage you to reach out to us at Let's discuss how your expertise and interests can align with our mission to foster an environment of academic excellence and innovation.

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